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Short Term Disability Insurance makes sence. Like all Disability insurance, it is designed to protect your income by paying you benefits when you are unable to work. Short Term means you will receive benefits for a specific period of time beginning at the time of covered illness or disability and ending when your Long Term Disability Insurance begins. Elimination periods may apply but most Short Term Disability coverage can begin as early as one day after your covered illness or accident and can last up to a year.

ADD-a-Hint: Do not forget to check out Long Term Disability. If you are disabled for a longer period of time then your Short Term Disability Insurance pays, you will be on your own at that point.

Special Note to Employers: Do you have a salary continuance plan, that you pay, set up for short-term absences by your employees? Why not offer Short Term Disability to your employees on a voluntary basis? Now that makes real cents! Call Us When You're Ready and we can show you several ways to introduce Short Term Disability Insurance to your employees at no cost to you.
Long Term Disability
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